About Us
“Never before have I been embosomed in scenery so hopelessly beyond description…” - John Muir (Travels in Alaska 1915)

Alaska Marine Charters has been exploring the waters and mountains of southeast Alaska for over 20 years. We explore the most beautiful, scenic and interesting areas throughout the Alexander Archipelago, known as the inside passage, so you experience the best of these islands and fjords. We are deeply committed to preserving this awesome wilderness and adhere to strict “leave no trace” guidelines to ensure you have a truly memorable experience.

The best way to have the ultimate experience is to be fully involved in the wilderness sights, sounds and smells. If you want an up close and personal experience with the true Alaskan wilderness then Alaska Marine Charters is the trip you want to book. It is not possible to get this kind of an experience from the large cruise ships that carry up to 2000 passengers and who have strict time schedules they have to meet. With Alaska Marine Charters, you travel with people you know to secluded out of the way areas where large cruise ships aren’t able to go and stay as long as you like.

Instead of waking up in another port that has streets lined with gift shops owned by the cruise lines, imagine waking up in a peaceful secluded cove. While enjoying your freshly brewed coffee, you watch a brown bear stroll along the beach searching for his breakfast or an eagle flashing by to snatch a meal from the water. Imagine hiking along the side of a glacier and being able to touch 300 year old ice or negotiating a bay crowded with icebergs in a kayak instead of a street crowded with tourists and gift shops. You can find congestion and noise back home, you don’t want to have it on your adventure cruise.

At Alaska Marine Charters, we customize your trips based on your interests and desires. Our small groups allow you to have family or friends along to share the experiences with people you care about instead of strangers.

Our boats are sturdy, safe, dependable Nordic Tugs. These boats have a displacement type of hull that provides a smooth, comfortable and quiet ride. They have three separate staterooms for your privacy and comfort and they travel at speeds that actually allow you to see the wilderness areas up close from spacious decks or roomy cabins with 360 degree views from the salon. You can hear whales as they surface and hear their distinctive puff of water vapor as they exhale. You will get so close to waterfalls, that you can get wet from their spray or lean over the bow and put your hand in the stream of water coming down a 100 foot cliff.

Our captains and crew all are experienced and knowledgeable in this area of Alaska. Our captains are U.S. coast guard licensed and approved and have been trained in CPR and wilderness first aid.

Our goal at Alaska Marine Charters is to make your trip so memorable, you will want to return year after year.